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About Next Chapter Studio - Risograph Greeting Cards and Prints

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Next Chapter Studio

Next Chapter Studio is a design and print shop running on Riso. We specialize in Risograph printing, creating greeting cards and art prints. 

Our mission is to make bright and friendly greetings cards for everyone using the environmentally friendly Risograph printing. Riso ink, made with soy, dries bright and colorful, allowing our fun designs to jump off the paper. 

Next Chapter Studio was founded in New York City in 2018. We design, print, and assemble all of our products by hand right here in the USA. 

If you are interested in selling our cards, please check out our wholesale page!

-Brian and Lauren, co-founders 


Brian and Lauren - Next Chapter Studio


Next Chapter Studio runs on Riso!

We love Riso! Riso machines are part screen printer, part photocopier - imagine a machine that can spit out copies as fast as an office laser printer, but with solid colors and more artistic personality. Risograph prints are all unique, and are notorious for their quirks. Such as...
  • Mis-registration (darn near impossible to make perfect)
  • Inconsistent ink coverage (dents and creases abound)
  • Roller marks (from the friction feed)
  • Set off (shadows of other ink passes)
Some may say these are flaws, but we say they're what make Riso special! The result is one of a kind pieces, making each a little piece of art. 

Brian and Lauren
Risograph printing uses Soy Ink!
For other inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to use via the form below or email us at: hello @ nextchapterstudio.com