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Inside Look at Our New Risograph Studio

Hi friends -

Big updates! Next Chapter Studio is starting off 2021 firing on all cylinders.

First and foremost, big moves for us as we packed everything up in Brooklyn, and moved to New Mexico to expand our business and studio. More exciting announcements in the coming months, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, we are excited to show off our new risograph studio, featuring a brand new RISO machine (now we have a total of 2!), and new storage and floor matting.

Scroll down below to see an inside look at our new digs.


Our new studio setup! Ruby and Rosie, our two RISO machines in front of the mirror wall. And our LED neon sign still going strong!


Our original risograph, Rosie, a RISO EZ590.


Our newest addition to the studio, an EZ591 that has been dubbed Ruby the RISO.  After a number of name suggestions submitted, our followers on Instagram voted for the name 'Ruby'.

The EZ591 was a logical addition, as drums are compatible between the 590 and 591. This means we can use our existing drums in both machines. We're already dreaming of new colors to add in the near future!


A wine rack filled with vegetable-based RISO inks. We have Black, Light Teal, Aqua, Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink and Bright Red (for now...). 


New dedicated shipping station, with orders lining up!


We keep a few cards sleeved and ready to go in these cardboard bins. Space is already tight!


"Bruce the cutter". We have a Spartan 150 SA to cut out all our cards and prints. He is a definitely a workhorse!

Teal mats to dampen the sound, add comfort and even more color.


And of course, our shop dog Ronnie! :)